Success Factors of Leadership

Kapeller, Georg A.
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Leadership is the most decisive factor for the success of any organisation. Due to the increasing complexity and changing needs of our society, expectations of leaders are on the increase. But what characterises a good leader? In order to be successful, leaders must think positively, be authentic, be able to reflect on their behaviour and continually develop. The author, experienced CEO Georg A. Kapeller, shows how leaders can strengthen their leadership skills in everyday life and avoid stumbling blocks. In doing so, they will gain fulfilment and satisfaction in their leadership tasks and learn to recognise what is important in leadership: taking responsibility, inspiring a team, creating the right habits, conveying a sense of purpose and avoiding extreme positions – and thus achieving goals over the long term. The focus is on self-leadership, with resilience at its core. Dynamic, energetic and inspirational leaders have a contagious and motivating effect on those around them.

The author

Georg A. Kapeller is CEO of an internationally active industrial group. Over the last 25 years, the mechanical engineer has become familiar with all leadership levels from team leader to CEO of one of the largest industrial companies in Switzerland with a workforce of over 2,000. During this time, he has experienced and observed countless leadership situations. In this book, he describes his experiences and reflections and conveys the insights gained from them in a practical and vivid way.
Georg A. Kapeller (born 1975) lives with his family in eastern Switzerland. Parallel to his professional career, he has completed officer training in the Swiss Army.

Also available in German: 

 Kapeller: Erfolgsfaktoren der Führung

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