Corporate Financing Strategies and Debt Policy

Volkart, Rudolf
ISBN 978-3-908143-85-7
1. Auflage
erschienen in 2003
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Englische Übersetzung des Buches Unternehmensfinanzierung und Kreditpolitik.

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Internal financing, borrowing or going public? What do a world-class orchestra and a premier league football club, a high-tech start-up or a multinational concern have in common? – all of them face the question of what financial structure, i.e. what ratio of debt to equity capital to choose and how to manage the finances of their organization. On the other hand, banks and investors must be able to assess a company's future prospects and weigh up the risks their investments are exposed to.
Rudolf Volkart examines corporate financing from the viewpoint of lenders and investors on the one hand and companies in search of capital on the other. He explains the various approaches and strategies and elucidates them with numerous examples.

Finance is everywhere
Corporate financing policy: nature and content
Sources of financing and financial instruments
Nature and techniques of equity financing
Analytical aspects of debt financing
Bank loans and credit policy
Risk aspects and option pricing theory
Capital markets and financial instruments
Conclusions for corporate financing and debt policy
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Rudolf Volkart is well-known for his activities in the field of finance, banking and tax management and for his work in both university as well as executive and professional education. He is professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Zurich and Director of the Swiss Banking Institute.

This book is also available in German:

Volkart: Unternehmensfinanzierung und Kreditpolitik

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